What is Brentertainment?
Brentertainment is an entertainment company focused on producing non-stop online video content for gamers.

It was founded in 2017 by Filipino competitive Hearthstone players Genji “Genji27” Saclolo, John Richard “Pompi” Castillo, and former competitive StarCraft II player Richardson “xOxO” Jacinto together with company owner Bernard “BrenChong” Chong.

“Our long-term vision for the company is to provide endless opportunities for non-Esports athletes who want to make a career out of gaming by making the company a training ground for gamers and gaming enthusiasts who aspire to improve their talents to international level.”
Genji Saclolo,
CEO/CFO of Brentertainment




Bernard Chong

Bernard Chong is a seasoned businessman with more than a dozen companies in different industries under his helm. He is most notably known in the business world as the owner of one of the largest local footwear brands in the Philippines, among others.



Genji Saclolo is a retired competitive Hearthstone player who had been active both on online and LAN tournaments during 2014 and 2015.



John Richard Castillo

John Richard Castillo is a professional Hearthstone player and Esports shoutcaster under one of the top mobile gaming Esports teams in the Philippines.



Richardson Jacinto is a former professional gamer who represented the Philippines in various gaming competitions back in 2009.

Our Mission

What makes us different?

Our team is designed to shift away from the current trend plaguing most local gaming content creators; sub-standard content quality and marketing strategies. Most of our efforts will be focused on improving in both these areas by building a system in which careful planning of different concepts and strategies should be incorporated in our everyday routine.

“Excellent marketing mixed with mediocre content will produce mediocre results. Excellent content mixed with mediocre marketing strategies will also produce mediocre results. This is what we are witnessing with most local gaming content creators. We will never settle for mediocrity; mediocrity is our enemy.”

John Richard Castillo,
COO of Brentertainment

Our System





Market Adaptation

Review and adapt to what our target market needs and wants to see.


Create and list all concepts necessary to fulfill the demands of our market.

Content Conversion

Produce our content by converting the best concepts into reality.


Disseminate our content to the community via maximization of marketing efforts.



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We Will

Build You

By being part of the Brentertainment family, we only want you to improve as an individual and professional. We will continuously search for mutually beneficial tasks and responsibilities between Brentertainment and its members. Also, we at Brentertainment know how effective positivity is to the work environment by having fun playing games in the office, but we should always remember that work is work and play is play. Aside from being a positive individual, we are ultimately looking for creative video game enthusiasts who always want to give their best selves by never settling for mediocre results. If you think you align with our vision and ideas, then join our family!

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Address: 2/F Jupiter Center Bldg. 22 Jupiter St. Bel-Air Village,
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